1. What is Practo Consult ?

    Practo Consult is an online consultation platform where patients can connect with doctors and get a medical opinion. Patients can either ask a free question on Consult Basic or can pay to consult with a doctor privately on Consult Direct.

  2. Can I be a part of Practo Consult?

    Any healthcare practitioner can be a part of Practo Consult.

    To be a part of Consult Basic, all you need to do is create your Practo profile and undergo a verification process to start consulting with patients online.

    Consult Direct is not available to all doctors at the moment. We will soon be opening up paid consultations for all doctors and will reach out to you once we do.

  3. How will Practo Consult benefit me?

    There are several ways that Practo Consult can benefit doctors.

    By answering free questions on Consult Basic, doctors can showcase their expertise, help patients and increase their visibility. Every answer leads patients to the doctor’s Practo profile thereby making it easy for patients to discover doctors that answer their questions.

    With Consult Direct, doctors can maximise their income and grow their practice by consulting with patients from anywhere.

    We will soon also be launching online follow ups which will enable your own patients to follow up with you online.

  4. Can I get paid for consultations online?

    While Consult Basic lets you help patients for free, you can get paid for consultations online by being a part of Consult Direct.

  5. How do I get started with Consult Basic?
    You can get started with Consult Basic in 3 easy steps:


    1. Download the Practo Partner App
    2. Complete your profile by selecting Profiles in the Partner App
    3. Submit documents for verification

      Submit the following documents from the Edit Profile section in the Partner App. Once the documents mentioned below are submitted we’ll make sure your verification is completed in 24-48 hours.

      • Registration Certificate
      • Latest Degree certificate
      • Valid Govt ID Proof (Driver’s License, Voter ID, Passport etc)
  6. How do doctors receive Consult queries?

    Questions on Consult Basic are assigned to doctors based on specialisation as well as locality. For e.g. if the user is from Mumbai, we will assign the question to doctors from Mumbai first.

  7. Is there any feedback mechanism for Practo Consult?
    Yes. Feedback is collected on Practo Consult from patients for Consult Basic as well as Consult Direct. The feedback is currently not showcased publicly.
  8. Can the questions earmarked for one doctor be answered by others?

    We do not earmark questions for a particular doctor on Consult Basic. Any of the assigned doctors can answer a question and when they do so, it is removed from the other doctors’ queues. Multiple doctors can add their opinion to a single question on Consult Basic.